Poly-Poly Core Spun Thread is the ideal thread for textile production

Poly-Poly Core Spun Thread is the ideal thread for textile production

The poly poly core sewing thread (core spun polyester sewing thread) is made of polyester filament yarn as the core, and the outer part is covered with spun polyester. The finished product is dyed at a high temperature of 130 ° C.

Features: The poly poly core spun polyester sewing thread has the appearance of spun polyester sewing thread, but the strength is higher and more balanced. The product has moderate toughness, tight stitching, excellent low shrinkage, good wear resistance, excellent antistatic properties and Corrosion resistance.

R.S.T  corespun polyester sewing thread has counts as 12/3, 16/3, 20/3, 30/2 

Therefore, the poly poly core spun polyester sewing thread is suitable for high-speed sewing, and it is necessary to sew a relatively firm garment.
Performance advantages:

  1. The strength of the same specification is 40%-50% higher than that of ordinary spun polyester sewing thread.
  2. Excellent seam ability for both hand sewing and automatic machine operation.
  3. Conducive to reducing joint cracking and ineffective sewing.
  4. Significantly reduce the jumper and disconnection after completion.

Application: Mainly used on outdoor performance, woven outerwear and fashion jackets, Jeans,leather products, etc.

corespun polyester sewing thread,will not only enhance the appearance of sewn products, but can greatly improve the productivity and performance of a sewing production line.

Because of the friction between the needle and the fabric during high-speed sewing, a large amount of heat is generated; when the number of layers to be sewn is increased (such as a shirt collar), the temperature of the needle is sharply increased, especially at a sewing speed of 5,000 stitches. Above /min, the needle will exceed 300 ° C, while the high-strength polyester filament has a melting point of 255 ° C – 260 ° C, resulting in a fragile polyester filament. The use of the poly poly core spun polyester sewing thread can avoid the above problem, because the polyester filament core sewing thread in the core thread is made by using high-strength polyester filament to wrap the spun polyester staple fiber. This product has the high strength of polyester filament sewing thread and the natural hairiness and feel of spun polyester sewing thread. It is very suitable for high-speed sewing. It can fully meet the requirements of fabric style and other technical fields. has Broad development prospect.

R.S.T sewing thread can reduce the number of broken threads dramatically in the sewing process, improve the quality of the sewing products, improve the production efficiency and to reduce the production cost. It will also reduce the labor intensity and satisfaction of employees.

Polyester Core, Cotton Wrap Thread

Cotton covered polyester thread has the feel of cotton with the strength and elasticity of polyester.

Polyester Cotton is a multi-purpose thread made from a high tenacity polyester core with a cotton cover. This thread combines the sewing and heat dissipation properties of cotton with the superior strength of polyester.

Polyester cotton threads are suitable for manufacturers of mattresses, canvas goods and tarpaulins, the automotive industry, boat covers, upholstery, clothing and leather goods.

The cotton wrap gives the thread the sewability, authentic look and feel, and heat resistance you would get with 100% cotton. While the polyester core gives the thread durability, stretch, and resistance to abrasion of a 100% polyester thread.

Product Technical Data


Tickets Size (TKT)Cotton Count (S)Average Strength (cN)(g)Elongation Min-Max (%)Recommended Needle Size Singer  Metric
3012/23724     379770-2318-21   110-130
3615/23528     359818-2418-21   110-130
3020/33178     324313-1818-21 110-130
8029/21780      181618-2411-14  75-90
10035/21490      152017-2211-14  75-90